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Friday, January 25

Modern Style Decorating Is Making a Fierce Comeback

Typically, modern interior decorating has a clean and contemporary look and feel. Low lying furniture in neutral colored fabrics are key with this look. Texture is used often when decorating the modern room. Different textures can keep your space from looking dull and lifeless.

Born out of the innovative shift in art and design trends that swept the world in the post-World War II era, the modern decor aesthetic defined many homes in the 1950s with sleek, streamlined silhouettes, striking organic shapes, and an emphasis on geometric angles.

Although the apex of modern decor is regarded as the mid-twentieth century when pioneers such as Charles Eames and Isamu Noguchi were in their heyday, this highly influential style has played a major role in shaping twenty-first century design trends. Its most obvious successor is contemporary decor, with which modern decor shares many important features.

Modern decor is sleek, sophisticated, and angular, with an emphasis on low-laying furnishings and the subtle understatement of a neutral or monochromatic palette. However, whereas contemporary decor has become more adapted to the needs of everyday life, modern decor typically offers a less compromising aesthetic vision, in which artistic concerns of the visual impact of a room are generally regarded as more important than their convenience as living spaces.

For this reason, modern decor is often associated with people whose lifestyles do not require a great deal of adaptability of their home environments.

The last several years have seen a major resurgence of modernist prints, fabrics, and furniture designs, making this style more accessible than at any time in recent memory, modern fabrics, rugs, and upholstery typically offer less variation in color and texture than their contemporary counterparts.

Art and accessories in the modern style often involve the repetition of bold, simple geometric shapes, such as circles, squares, or the boomerang shape that was characteristic of the era. Polished, reflective surfaces and metallic accents are common, as are boldly contrasting black or white pieces. Window treatments are typically very minimalistic, and it is not unusual to see windows left entirely bare in many modern rooms.

While this dramatic look can please the most discriminating, sophisticated consumer, some compromises and adaptations may be necessary to make a modernist space more suitable for active family living. Perhaps dedicating a room that isn't used very often, to the modern style. Then you won't have to burden yourself with the upkeep.


Wednesday, January 23

Bespoke Interior Design

A person’s home cannot just be the place where he hangs his hat and where he rests his head when he goes to sleep at night. A house cannot be called a home if it is not considered the haven of the person who lives there. A home is a sanctuary amidst the chaos and indifference of the outside world. A home is the place where a person lives and celebrates his life. A home is an expression of the individuality and the soul of the person who lives there.

We at Brownrigg @Home understand what differentiates a house from a home. We are experts in bringing out the individuality and the soul out of a person and make it reflect upon his home. The bespoke interior design services and solutions that we offer are guaranteed to translate a house into a home that mirrors its resident’s personal taste, style and way of living. Whether the client wants the interiors of his abode designed and decorated along the traditional lines or in the modernist style, we are more than capable of answering his needs and requirements in interior design.

Beyond aesthetics, we at Brownrigg @Home ensure that with our bespoke interior design services and solutions, the resident’s home will not just be a place that is beautiful to the eyes but would also be functional. For what is a home that is indeed aesthetically pleasing and yet would not be able to stand the wear and tear of everyday life and would instead be an obstruction in the daily course of the resident’s living? Even a museum needs to be functional.

Going hand in hand with beauty, functionality is one of the keys of the bespoke interior design services and solutions that we offer. A room can be useful and beautiful at the same time. Each and every space in a home has its use and purpose, and this space should be used effectively according to its purpose.

Individuality, beauty and functionality. These are the three keys that make our bespoke interior design services and solutions special. Let us help make these elements work for you.


The Popular Cabinets For Your Kitchen

Great kitchens start from great ideas. This article shares with you great kitchen remodeling basics which will get you your dream kitchen and also valuable information on kitchen cabinets.

If you want the most organized kitchen then opting for kitchen cabinets can easily make cooking and other tasks handy. Kitchen cabinets help you to keep all the necessary items in the kitchen in proper order. They are available in the form of wooden boxes and the more advanced form of modular units that can either be purchased as stock cabinets or can be manufactured in standard sizes
The right kind of cabinets will change the overall look into trendy one. If you want your kitchen to have a perfect look you can consult a professional who will guide with the theme or color scheme befitting the home decor as well as suiting to your needs.

The cabinets are available in two types- the face frame and the frameless. The faced frame cabinets have the front edge made of hardwood whereas the frameless types are European style cabinets having panels finished on both sides and they have simple laminated banding on the edges.

The face-framed models are more in demand and are very much popular. Moreover you can choose from custom designed models, stock kitchen models, and semi-custom or built-to-order cabinets. It is also necessary to choose the right kind of knobs and latches and should very well match with the models.

Remodeling the kitchen aim at the maximum use of the space available and easy access of the items required frequently for cooking. There are base cabinets made for floors and very well fitted with the drawers above, there can get two cabinets side by side, kitchen with low floor space, look good with long thin cabinets and wall mounted cabinets.

Triangular cabinets are ideal for every kitchen and they neatly fit into the corner of the walls and also hide the irregularities of it. The cabinets made one above the other can also be used as it has a space in between to utilize it as a small shelf.

While organizing these there is a necessity to analyze the three basic areas of the kitchen. The preparation area, the cook & serve area and the sink area. This will help the easy access to the various kitchen articles and will save your time of preparing meal.

But see to it that you get good quality cabinets. The cheap or substandard quality is usually made of thin laminates and photo-simulated wood resulting in poor drawer construction of the cabinets wherein the cabinets will not slide smoothly, the pieces will be of irregular sizes and will have no smooth fitting.

So the best way is to choose the one made from durable wood and order the samples to check it genuinely before placing an order for complete set.

It is very easy to install these cabinets. The dealer itself can send his own personnel or you can take the help of any other installers whom you thing can do it well. People well versed with woodworks are also efficient in doing this job. If you feel and have some skills of installing cabinets on your own will help you to save some money by doing it yourself.


Popular Bean Bag Chairs To Choose From

Everyone loves bean bag chairs. We are sure everyone has had one or has always wanted one. This article provides you information on the popular bean bags.

A new style of furniture has invaded the living room, playrooms and other places where people want to be cozy. Presenting altogether different style aims at providing comfort and ease to the tired and aching body.

The now manufactured beanbag chair is way apart from the conventional chairs, manufactured in 1960s. Now the new styles of foam chairs or beanbag chairs are sold under the brand names LoveSac, Foof Chair, Comfy Sack.

The new generation of this furniture comes with wide range of sizes and options. They can be comfortably used in the game room where children can sit and watch videos; it can replace your couch in the living room and can provide a comfy place to nuzzle for your sick child. These chairs provide you the ultimate feeling of relaxation and life seem impossible without it.

These chairs can be placed almost anywhere in the house by the pool, in the bedroom, or in the lounge and can be used by children, middle-aged people, elderly or even pregnant woman and accordingly the size can be chosen.

For children the beanbag should be made of strong fabrics and dark colors and the children are rough with most of their things and spill whatever they eat. The chair would be an overwhelming gift for a pregnant woman and can relieve her from back pain. The soft and gentle shape of the chairs moulds to the shape of the person who sits.

While buying these chairs you can choose from the different colors set out befitting your home decor. Bright and vibrant colors are best for the modern apartment whereas the people with individual small houses should opt for soft and warmer colors.

They will give an elegant and stylish look to your house. You will never repent for the price you pay for these as the beads mould to your back and support you where you need it most. To get more support for your body fill in the chair with excess of beans.

Apart from these issues you need to consider the safety issues related with this furniture. Find out whether it is sun resistant or water resistant and protect it accordingly. Take proper care of your beanbag chair and it will continue giving comfort to your body.

The cleaning is also simple; the covers can be removed and washed in washing machine. The liner available will not allow the beans to spill when the outer cover is removed for cleaning. Regularly used beanbag chairs can be wiped with a cloth dipped in warm water like the one made from durable fabrics PVC or Vinyl.

The beans used in these chairs are nothing but expanded, polystyrene pieces and are good conductors of heat. So it is advisable to keep these chairs away from fireplaces and heaters.


Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas - Considerations For Small Kitchen Remodeling

Every small kitchen remodel job requires good planning. You must first determine the amount of money you plan to invest by figuring the budget for your small kitchen remodeling project.

Once you have planned your budget, you should stick to it as closely as possible for the best results. Keep in mind while planning your small kitchen remodel, that without good planning, many kitchens are of poor design. Many will suffer from lack of good lighting, storage or ample counter space.

In the United States, large open kitchens often act more as desirable showplaces and entertainment centers in many homes. Nevertheless, everyone cannot afford or even has need of a large kitchen. A profession cook is more at home in a small, well organized space since they find them to be very efficient.

For instance, in a smaller kitchen, there is not much distance to cover between the refrigerator and the oven. However, it still takes a great deal of planning to design an effective layout for single wall or two-way galley shape kitchens found in many small apartments in large cities.

The most efficient small kitchen remodel layout features the advantage of incorporating a working triangle between the distance of your major work areas such as the sink, stove and refrigerator. Designed correctly, this setup requires fewer steps while working which is a wonderful benefit for any cook. For instance, for extra food storage and preparation, you can install a butcher block, an island or peninsula when you have extra floor space. On the other hand, you might consider adding a pantry or pullout pantry to be located near the refrigerator.

You should consider replacing any standard size appliance with a smaller model. When choosing a dining table or breakfast nook, the same idea would apply. When you purchase a kitchen island or butcher block, be sure to purchase a smaller slim model. This gives you all the modern options you need in a small kitchen remodeling project, while also providing you with more counter space and storage area.

You can reduce clutter by making sure you have ample storage. For instance, you might choose to install tall cabinets that reach to the ceiling. This will create an illusion of having a larger more spacious kitchen. A clutter free room is very attractive, so remember to create the space to put everything away.

You will have more storage in a small kitchen remodeling job by adding built-in cabinets or fitted cabinets. Freestanding cabinets used in a small kitchen remodeling cause you to loose valuable counter space and preparation area while creating obstacles that do not allow you to use all your available space.

When doing a small kitchen remodel, glass doors, folding doors, pocket doors or no doors at all can work well. This can save floor space while allowing more natural light to come into and reflect around the room. Alternatively, when you finish cooking, you might want to conceal the area by using folding doors.

Keep in mind after finishing your small kitchen remodel job that you do not create clutter with too many utensils and tools. Having a large set of cookware does not make one a great cook. With limited space, it is sufficient to keep three or four good quality knives and five or six pots and pans.

Remember that neutral colors reflect light in a small space. When you wish to add bright colors, add color with your accessories, small appliances, ceramics or colorful tile.

Another essential aspect is to include natural and artificial lighting, since this will create an illusion of a brighter and larger kitchen. This will create a positive, energy-filled environment for you, your family and friends. You might consider adding such lighting as under the cabinet lights, wall sconces, pendants, recessed lighting or chandeliers.

You can create an attractive, efficient area that enables you to perform various functions when using small kitchen remodel ideas. When small kitchens are proper in design, everyone enjoys an area that functions efficiently for years to come. Since your kitchen is likely to be one of the most popular areas in your home, read as many small kitchen remodeling ideas as you can find to improve the comfort and functionality of this important space.

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Changing up Your Furniture

If you’re feeling exhausted and worn out from the current look of your bedroom or living room – or really any room in your house – then the first step to help this is to change your furniture.

Of course, there are other ways to change up the look of the rooms in your house, but this is just one easy way to go about it.

The cheapest way to go about making these changes is to simply move around your furniture. You don’t have to spend money to change a look. You can move your bed to the other side of the room or to the middle of it, which splits the room in half.

Or, instead of lugging that large bed around from side to side, you could move other pieces of furniture. You could move bed stands from one side to the other, or your dresser or desk. All it takes is just a little energy to move the furniture around and to look at it from another angle. Take your time when looking. If you don’t like what you’ve done, then you can always move it right back.

If you’re willing to sink money into the changes then the way to go is buying new furniture. Buying the new furniture all depends on your sense of personal style.

A style that continues to remain popular is modern and contemporary furniture. This classic furniture is so well-liked because it goes with pretty much any other style of furniture. It is a sleek, chic and minimalist look when it is by itself or with other modern furniture. Yet, it can be a nice piece of accent furniture when placed in a setting with other styles of furniture.

So, for your bedroom, you’ll need a bed. Platform beds are the most common kind of bed in the modern style. You’ll also need a nightstand, dresser and possibly a wardrobe and another nightstand. How much furniture you can fit and need in your bedroom is up to you, but to create a minimalist look with lots of space then purchasing modern furniture is the best way to go.

The other room that can be very important to change when the feeling hits you is the living room. There is lots of furniture in this room that can be moved around or replaced with new furniture.

A simple way to go when purchasing new living room furniture is to buy a living room set, which typically includes a sofa, a loveseat and a chair. A living room set can also include a coffee table and a side table.

Looking around for the perfect living room or bedroom set can be astonishingly easy. You can go to your local furniture outlet or even find the set online. Looking online gives you a large number of sets to look at and so much variety that you’re bound to find the perfect modern living room and bedroom set for you.


7 Rules You Must Follow When Ordering Furniture Online

The World Wide Web is where you will find an excellent choice of furniture. Online store stock leading brands, antiques, as well as designer pieces. Since online stores do not have to worry about physical space they are able to showcase furniture and accessories from all over the world. And for the discerning shopper there are wonderful bargains to be had and furniture can be bought online for much less than the retail price.

Before you begin your quest for the perfect piece of furniture take a look at what you already have in place and get an approximate idea of what will go well with the existing pieces. If your home is filled with carved units and you get a bamboo settee because it looks great online your home will look definitely odd.

1. Log on to the internet and use a search engine to locate online stores. Use options like furniture online, or sofas, or table. Surf the websites and get a idea of the range and pricing.

2. Short list two or three websites and do a background search on them to make sure they are reliable online stores.

3. View the online catalogues and short list the pieces of furniture you like. If you have the time go to a local mall and see similar furniture physically.

4. Browse the websites for special offers, bargains, and discount schemes. Very often you may be able to get the piece you want at a very affordable price.

5. Be sure to determine details like shipping costs, delivery, guarantees, return policy, and transit policies.

6. Read through online interior guides and use tools like room planners. Most websites give expert advice and even offer to answer questions a customer may have. There are tools that will show you how the piece you want to purchase will fit in your room.

7. Always try and buy furniture from reputed manufactures. Avoid copies and duplicates even if they sell for far less.

Take advantage of free shipping offers or seasonal sales. If you are a regular online shopper make use of any discount coupons you may have. In case you are thinking of refurbishing your whole home look for easy payment schemes.

Be smart buy from an online furniture website that is a member of the Better Business Bureau. And log on to and check whether the website selling furniture has a good reputation.

Once you have ordered ask the website to let you know when the truck will arrive and how long it will take for your order to reach you. When the furniture arrives make sure everything is in good order before signing for the delivery.

If you are a careful shopper you will have no problems.